2/8/14 A Mortgage Loan, or Water Under the Hoan?

Though Mr. Dodd and Mr. Frank have upped the ante for getting a mortgage, some of the basics are still the same. When those ownership bells start ringing in your ears, remember this list. The sooner, the better. It takes awhile to establish the good credit you’ll need when you apply for that mortgage loan.

Demonstrate that your finances are as sound as that house you’re hankering for. Take these steps toward your dream home.

Pay all your bills on time, all of the time.

Hold off on any other major purchases and debts, especially with credit cards.

Hold on to that well paying, steady job.

Start – and keep on – saving toward your down payment.

Don’t let your good intentions drift away, like water under a bridge. Get closer to a view from your downtown Milwaukee condo.

Water under the bridge

Water under the Hoan