3/12/15 Milwaukee Housing Market Available Buyer Grants Loans

Here’s the takeaway from the Milwaukee Take Root Home Ownership Fair, held last Saturday.

There is grant money available to assist with a purchase.

But there’s no clearing house, no single resource for accessing this information. This is partly because each case will be different. Each buyer situation, size of household, and annual income. Certainly each property, and loan determination is made specific to a property. In order to delve into this further, you need to communicate directly with a lender. No 1-800 or online lenders. Not in this case. A lender who’s familiar with existing grant programs, any income requirements, or willing to work with a buyer to apply for grants and forgivable loans.

Milwaukee also has many strong neighborhood associations and counseling organizations eager to assist potential home buyers. Once again, each one’s mission may be narrow or broad, depending on location, purpose and interest. Be ready to tap into these.

All this does add time to a potential home search so be prepared to do some front work, some digging around. Hey, after all, it’s spring. A great time for groundwork.

Give me a call for some introductions to these folks, or to find out about existing inventory for sale. PaulĀ  414-807-7599

Digging for Dollars

Digging for Dollars