11/1/12 Milwaukee Condos-Rent or Buy?

We’re hearing a lot of predictions, about the ‘when we get back to normal’ housing market, from experts checking in with tug of war opinions.

The bottom line, for those choosing to rent or buy, remains affordability, or access to a mortgage loan. Even at historically low condo prices and even lower interest rates, buyers haven’t actively sought loans. They opt to rent, or rent for any of the traditional reasons, such as short term employment.

As people contact CondoMilwaukee about potential condo rentals, especially downtown, they often find out that the unit amenities they want don’t exist at the monthly price range they are willing to pay. Rental prices are going up. Renting downtown isn’t an option for them.

I encourage anyone considering a move downtown to speak to a lender before making that choice. It’s a matter of collecting up some basic financial information and presenting it to a lender for evaluation. And if the answer is no, not yet, the lender should offer some strategies or a timeline for achieving that goal. Good information to have.

If the answer is yes, desirable units are currently available at very affordable prices. Some flexibility and balance between wants and needs may be required but if there is a real desire to experience life in the downtown area, it should be possible to meet that goal.Milwaukee downtown

With the same amount, a budgeted monthly rental range can translate into purchasing power and the financial advantages of home ownership.

That’s where my expertise can complement your persistence, finding a place that works for you, rewarding your financial smarts.

Why settle for less?

For a reliable lender recommendation, http://www.condomilwaukee.com/search/