8/02/13 Downtown Milwaukee condo tour

Over 30 downtown Milwaukee condo units were open to view on Saturday, June 22, from noon to four, during an event dubbed ‘Downtown Digs.’

It was set to mark the sparking back to life of the downtown condo market, quieter since recent economic woes than in the building boom days before 2008. Historically low interest rates are reason enough to look into a condo purchase, especially with a limited and increasingly costlier downtown condo rental supply.

I work both the buying and the renting sides of the condo market. And I offer a free, personalized downtown tour, to any potential buyer or renter, all year round, specific to what they want to see, not just units on parade during special events.

It can get complicated, and I assist clients to make the best choice in their individual circumstances. Let’s talk. 414 – 807 – 7599

Paul on the condo tour

Paul, on the downtown Milwaukee condo tour