7/4/14 Should I rent a Milwaukee condo from a condo owner?

If you’re thinking about renting a Milwaukee condo, as opposed to an apartment, keep this in mind.

Typically, the goal of an owner is to sell, not to be a landlord. If the property remains on the market for sale during the life of the lease, you’ll be expected to accommodate showing appointments from potential buyers. That means keeping your place presentable. (Of course, that’s how it looks all the time, right?) So try and negotiate a lease stipulating no property showings, at least until the last month of the lease, if you’re not re-upping.

Also, be aware that condo association rules govern rentals. A minimum one year lease is standard, and often requires prior approval. As a resident, you’ll be expected to follow association rules, as laid out in those condo documents. Make sure you know the scope of what you’re getting into before signing on that dotted line.

On the condo tour

On the condo tour

Want some help finding a rental? Shoot me a message with your anticipated monthly rental range and move-in time, approximate location, or whether you’ll be bringing along a Fido or Miss Purr. If you’re unfamiliar with Milwaukee, I do offer a free, no obligation, area tour.