Glut, what glut?

It has recently become an article of faith that the current downtown condo market is glutted. You just know— it must be true—there are too many units for sale, both resales and new construction. In a very few respects, the case can be made that this is so. In some price ranges the selection is apparently quite extensive, with many months of supply.

Keep in mind however that a buyer, consciously or sub-consciously, is looking for a condo with his or her own particular criteria in mind. Not only does a buyer have an idea about price, location, architecture, unit style, and personal timetable, but with every person the order of importance of any of these or other specifics varies considerably.

These factors invariably limit the number of choices available. For example, if a condo is ‘perfect’ for you but the construction isn’t even in the ground yet and you have to move in the next two months, that perfection isn’t really in your ‘what’s available’ column. You must also take into consideration such intangibles as how far you really want to carry those bags of groceries to reach your unit, or to walk to get your dog outdoors.

If you trust your search to one agent, expert at this job and this market, and you spend time with that agent sorting through and seeing what’s actually available, you will quickly find out that for what you want, at the price you want, this selection narrows rather rapidly.

You will also find your view of the market changing. Glut, what glut?

The best search starts on the ground, with an experienced guide.